About Us

The wine world was very different when we founded Executive Wine Seminars in 1981. The “Wine Boom” was in its infancy, as people were first discovering the pleasures of wine, evolving from the “three Martini lunch” era.

Originally, EWS catered to the business community, as we taught many young executives how to handle wine in restaurants and social dining situations. But over the years, the wine world has changed and this part of our business has also changed. Today, companies look to EWS when they think of their “client entertaining” needs, as it is widely known that professionally run wine events, by their very nature, should be highly successful. With EWS organizing and hosting the event, they always are.

The key to our longevity is mastering the art of entertaining our clients while educating them at the same time, always using exciting, state-of-the-art wines as our central focus. Simply put, we know how to work a crowd, whether it is composed of familiar faces or first-time participants.


It was also in 1981 that we started offering public wine tastings, presented in an environment where wine (purchased, not donated) could be evaluated objectively and attendees could feel comfortable expressing their opinions. As an independent company, EWS is without obligation to promote wines in our own self interest. Our only loyalty is to the truth in the way we discuss and evaluate each wine presented at every EWS event. A majority of our offerings are “blind tastings,” which are always very interesting because “the brown bag never lies!”

At the same time, we’re hardly wine snobs! In fact, we’re decidedly hedonists, who work hard to make sure that a good time is had by all at every EWS event. After all, our motto is: “we take wine seriously, but not too seriously.” We offer the most highly regarded wines in the world.

The combination of enjoying great wine and sharing the experience with people of kindred spirit helps explain the longevity of EWS as an integral part of the wine scene in New York.

In addition, since 2004, comprehensive reports of all EWS tastings can be found at the world’s number one wine website www.eRobertParker.com.

Howard Kaplan and Robert Millman, Co-Directors